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Going Plant-based: My Story

Going Plant-based: My Story
I was feeling low in energy for months...catching all the colds the kids were
bringing home. I had headaches on random days and my coffee cup was always
full. It started about 9 months after I had Max, my son who is 2 now.
I have always been healthy and eaten what I thought was a balanced
diet according to set standards. But, I just
felt off.  Too many colds and the flu had me wondering what was up?
Then I found a little bump on my chest...I got the flu again. It was December
2016 and my favorite time of the year, but I just had no energy. That flu took me
out for days. I couldn't even take care of my kids... I ended up in the hospital.
That's where my plant based story begins. My husband and I had been juicing
on and off for several years and eating what we "thought" was healthy.
Lots of cheese and milk for calcium and for "strong bones."
Organic meat for protein. Free-range eggs, lots of whole grain breads
 and grains and fruits and veggies. Sounds great right!

But, we really had no idea everything was about to change. 
By January 2017 I was still sick, my husband got sick, the kids were
sick...the universe was trying to get our attention! "Okay, God what 
is going on here?" I said to myself! 

Doctors told me to get on more anti-biotics or said my symptoms
where just the common flu. But a year of a flu? Vertigo?  More symptoms every month?
No, that isn't right.
I never took the prescriptions. I spent hours on the phone with
my healthcare insurance going down endless rabbit holes.
Trying to just see a specialist was next to impossible for some reason. 
"This isn't working. Something isn't right here." I said.

I came across "What the Health" a documentary on Netflix about our food and 
what we are really eating. Dairy, meat, processed foods, toxic ingredients
that find themselves in just about everything. I started reading vehemently. Everything
I could find on the truth about food and healing. It all aligned. 
 I was awake. The system was designed to make us sick!
Too many toxic pesticides, herbicides on the GMO crops. 
Those crops are filling up
our systems and causing viruses to turn into disease and cancer.
 It's contaminating the cows and chickens. They
are fed hormones and anti-biotics and live a sadly life which 
transfers into the meat and dairy they produce. Then we consume
it all. This was not God's plan for us.

I basically started from scratch. I threw out everything in my pantry except
fruit and veggies. I thought I was eating and shopping healthy! But, I wasn't vigilantly reading labels.
Labels are where it's at. We can't ignore the labels anymore! They sneak
in MSG and "natural flavors", toxic citric acid and on and on.
I said, "Babe, we are going plant based. We have to heal. We have
to get healthy for real. I'm sick. But I can heal. I can live."

Plants are Medicine

Time to heal. Time to be awake. Time to help others who are sick
for no "reason."  Time to have a voice.
My family went fully plant-based and we never looked back.
I'm not a crazy vegan or a harsh critic. I'm just a truth seeker. 
Common sense says, if we are treating all these animals in conditions
that are making them sad and lifeless then how are we good stewards?
How can we consume these foods and think they will sustain us, nourish us
and heal us? 
Cow's milk is meant for a baby calf. Period.  We shouldn't be manipulating this
animal on a global scale for our consumption.
Cheese is the most delicious 
thing in the world! Sure, but it feeds viruses and pathogens. So we have
to make choices. It isn't the only form of calcium!
We can eat meat. Yes, but at what cost? We have to cut back. We have
to think about that impact and have a connection to what we are eating.
Is it going to help us heal? That is the big question we have to ask!
 For me, plants and herbs are our medicine. They have helped me heal and
we rarely, if ever, get sick anymore. We did not get that gnarly flu going
around, or even a cold this Winter!
I feel energized, free of symptoms, healthy, and I have peace
about my path.  This isn't a story of how to go vegan or vegetarian or plant-based.
Those are all just LABELS. I don't think we need that.  We just need to wake up
to what's really going on in our food system.
Wake to the misinformation being spread and funded by
private special agenda groups.
We must ask why so many people
are sick with auto-immune diseases and cancers galore. 
I want people to be healthy, but also to take responsibility for animals as well.
They need us to protect them and think about our connection to each other.

We can be strong and eat plants! We can be athletes at
 the highest level and run triathalons and 
go the same distance! Plants have more than enough proteins!
The difference is we are healed by the healthy foods 
we are eating. We are not feeding cancers. 
We are awake and telling the truth to those who will listen.
We are healing.

This post is sponsored by a coalition of partners, Olympian Dotsie Bausch & her
non-profit organization Compassion Champs.  This initiative is to help counteract
the false and misleading messaging featured in the Milk Life Olympic advertising.
Please take a short moment to watch this 30 sec video.


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