Friday, October 2, 2020

Organic Skincare with MIG Living

Luxurious. That is the word that comes to mind with the brand MIG Living.
Luxurious organic ingredients that smell heavenly. No chemicals here, just
nature and it's aromatic scents healing every part of your senses!
I'm always talking about rituals for your well-being and this brand provides that
for you. You choose the bundle or products that most speak to you. 
Well-being is medicine. There is a method to healing and the founder of
MIG Living, Jamie Cross, teaches all about her concept here.
A soothing Cleansing Bar made out of clean ingredients like essential oils, 
shea butter and raw honey can make a big difference to your 
health and soul. I so loved this aroma when I opened the box, it transported me
to a feeling of serenity!

 After I watched the video on the behind the brand episode below,
I really fell in love with the integrity of the process, from nature
to product. I really think you will love this brand as much
as I do now! We can spend so much money on medicine and
other unhealthy habits. I just want to 
encourage you to not feel guilty about
investing in healing, organic products! 
We can all heal together!
Please check out MIG Living for more inspiration!


Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Season is a Time to Re-Align

Happy Fall!
A new season is a time to re-align with our hearts.
All that is good, all that is beautiful, all that is just and holy,
be those things and move towards them. We are the light keepers and
truth is within us. Give yourself grace and thanks to
the Almighty, then move towards your calling. 
You are wonderfully made! Keep shinning bright star.


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Elle: Girl Gadgets

Girl gadgets!  I love trying out cute accessories like these super chic ones from Elle.
This little Cell Phone Bank that looks like a lipstick is my favorite! Perfect to keep in your
purse for whenever you need a quick charge and it's super affordable check it out here!

This Cordless Flat Iron is the perfect travel piece. I love the rose gold detail and sleek white
handles. It's light as a feather and also rechargeable with any USB cord! 

 This is perfect for everyday use all well, I despise cords! So, this is perfect for
when I need to whip up a look without any fuss. 

This fun Power Spin Makeup Brush comes with two super dense brushes. 
I like to mist my brush first with a facial toner and then apply foundation.
This definitely makes applying foundation, powders, concealers etc. very relaxing and
even therapeutic! Something different to add to the routine never hurts!

There are so many other great girl gadgets on the Elle site that I want to try like 
the Body Analysis Scale and the Painless Hair Remover. Take
a look and see what fun accessories you might like and let me know!
Do you love gadgets? I am planning on doing more of my favorite girl gadget
posts so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out!


Friday, May 3, 2019

The Best Gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Sunday May 12th!
I just received my Mixbook order and I wanted to 
share how special this would be as a gift for a 
special Mom or Nana.
A photo book is such a treasure these days, 
as it seems we all take pictures in our phones and never print them!
 I told myself that I have to start making photo albums for the kids
to have when they grow up just like my mom did for us. It's
something I cherish and I know all mother's feel the same!
Mixbook has beautifully arranged photo books for you so 
you don't have to do the work!
There are themes for every occasion and it's so easy to 
upload your photos into the albums. 

Mixbook partnered with several designers and I chose the Oh Joy design for 
my photo book. I love her aesthetic and since we live in 
California it went perfect with our beachy lifestyle! 
The quality of the book is spot on, the color and clarity is 

Mixbook also offers many different photo options like this beautiful
acrylic block. It is just gorgeous! This would
be such a fabulous gift! My heart just melted when I opened
the box and saw this!

I was very happy with the quality of the items and what
a breath of sunshine it is to actually see my treasured photos out of my phone!
Another great gift idea for mothers day would be a custom photo calendar.
There are some beautiful designs to choose from as well.
If you order by today May 3rd, your order will arrive by Mother's Day!
Plus the box is so cute it comes with pretty stickers on it and I also
have a special code for you with $25 off your order just use
code: FAMBAM expires June 30, 2019. 
Of course, you can place this order anytime and just treat
yourself or someone you love to a special gift at Mixbook!


Monday, April 22, 2019

Humble Places - Words & Thoughts

Blessed are those who see
beautiful things in humble places
where other people see nothing. -Camille Pissarro 

This season has been one of change and growth for me.
Re-evaluating my priorities in my daily life and keeping our
rhythm slow and sacred instead of busy and burned out like the rest
of the world seems to be doing.
It's become more of a task to get off the gerbil wheel of social media/busyness/comparison
and all the expectations of our current "do it all" culture. 
My posts have slowed down. Not for want, but to just live in the present moment for
a bit. It does the soul good to disconnect for a time.
I believe we all need these spaces of refreshing the spirit.
At first, it feels unnatural and unrealistic. Then, like a dewy Spring morning,
the soul wakens to the simple song of birds, their cadence like a password
to let go and be still in nature. A walk in the outdoors, moments of
peace and clarity come rushing in. These are the humble places we all
I hope that wherever your current journey may be unfolding,
that you will venture out and find your own space to disconnect from the pressures
 of the world and find a humble place of peace.


Monday, February 4, 2019

MyChelle : A Great Time to Switch to Clean Skincare!

New Year, means the perfect time to switch out any toxic skincare
and go completely clean!
I've been using MyChelle dermaceuticals for a few months now and I wanted
to share the brand with you as they are pretty amazing!
I learned on their site that the average person uses about 12 personal care products
and is exposed to over 126 unique chemicals from those products daily! 
That is just mind blowing right!
MyChelle products use clean, non-toxic, safe ingredients and I'm 
on board with that mission.
In addition to being healthy for you, their formulas offer
major results! I tested these products on my skin
which is normal to oily for several months.
If you are looking to switch out your skincare routine, this is a great
brand to start with!

which is a 2% Hyaluronic Acid moisture binding gel. This is perfect for
these Winter dry months. I like to use it around my mouth, eyes and forehead.
After applying, just top with a moisturizer. 
I find that a little goes a long way and it does hydrate and plump 
the areas applied to. If you have fine lines, I think this would
be are great product for you to hydrate those areas.

This is a favorite of mine, I love a face spray!
A refreshing cactus water mist with hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and
niacinamide which is supposed to revive and rejuvenate the skin.
I use it it the morning for a refreshing plump! It has no smell and feels super
light-weight on the skin, not sticky or heavy. Another great product during the dry 
winter months!

This is a light-weight moisturizer. At first,
I wasn't sure about the consistency, they way it pumps out. But, I really like
how it absorbs right into the skin like a drink of hydration. 
With squalane, a botanical blend of plant stem cells, blue lotus,
rose petals and fresh water algae. The way I apply this is by pressing it into my skin
not rubbing, but gently patting it in.  I find that my skin is much softer and the texture is smoother.
This is a new must for  me!

The perfect mask for softer skin!
With prickly pear cactus and blue agave, this formula is
light and moisturizing. It has a wonderful fresh, tropical smell to it.
I use this one a week overnight and my skin fabulous in the morning!
If this weather has your skin feeling dull and dry, this
will hydrate your skin and leave it supple. It is not greasy or
heavy, but super light.
A must-have mask for your skin.

If you are ready to throw out all those chemical filled
moisturizers, creams, face cleansers, and masks, then
now is the perfect time to start fresh! I feel
so much better knowing I'm not harming my
system with toxic ingredients that harm my liver! Those ingredients
end up causing other issues in our lives and it's time we
eliminate unnecessary chemicals from our beauty counter!
I know you will love MyChelle products as much as I do
 and right now they are having
a great sale for BOGO on many items on their website!
 A great time to try things out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Keep You & Your Kids Healthy This Season : Supplements

It is the season when we need to up our supplements to stay healthy and happy!
This is my first line of defense to keep sickness away from the kids and myself.
I truly believe in natural remedies and their healing powers to keep us healthy.
Today I am sharing several of my favorites!
First, I do want to point out how important it is to do your research on any
vitamin/supplement brands and make sure their methods and ingredients
are pure and/or organic when possible. 
All tincture supplements should be made free of alcohol as that
ingredient is counter-productive to the effectiveness of the herb or plant, etc.
Also, the shorter the ingredient list the better! We want to stay away
from citric acid, natural flavors, artificial flavors or colors. 
These are some of things we use in our house everyday to feel great and
I hope you will give them a try too!

Olive Leaf Liquid Extract
Olive leaf is a centuries old healing treatment. It can even be
found several times in the Bible. It can be taken at the onset of flu/cold symptoms to 
curb them. It also is a powerful virus killer and is more powerful that anti-biotics!
It has too many benefits to name! It can reverse heart disease, keep cancer, disease and
strokes away!
We take Olive Leaf every day. 

Echinacea Goldenseal
I'm sure you have heard of this one! This is a great immune support and a good one
to take several times a day if you are feeling under the weather.  I love to give supplements in
tinctures because they absorb directly into the bloodstream faster than a pill or gummy would.

Sovereign Silver
This is a Bio-Active Colloidal Silver Hydrosol which makes it easier for cell absorption.
We are all deficient in Silver and most minerals! This taken and held under the tongue will
absorb best. There are so many crucial benefits to taking silver! It can lover your viral load, help keep cancers, diseases and chronic illness away. Another mineral that has been
used for centuries, it has amazing healing powers for your system!

Eidon Zinc
Zinc is a precious mineral that we are deficient in. There are low quantities left of zinc on 
Earth as well! Your body needs Zinc to function properly and it can kill a cold/flu virus
if taken as soon as you feel symptoms. Simply gargle 1-2 droppers and swallow!
Not all Zincs are made equally, but this brand is easy to digest and my kids never have
any issues taking it.

MyKind Organics Vitamin C
We all need Vitamin C to live! We just don't get enough daily.  A glass of orange juice a couple
times a week, isn't going to cut the bill! We need to eat lots of Vitamin C rich foods, and take
a Vitamin C supplement. This tastes great and is super easy for my kids to take as it is a spray!

Vitamin Friends Immune Probiotic Vegan Gummies
My kids love a gummy! This probiotic has Vitamin C, Zinc Citrate, Echinacea and
Bacillus Coagulans.  The kids loved the taste of these!
I tend to give the kids probiotics only 1-2 times a week. If they are eating
a good fruit and vegetable diet (hello smoothies!) then they are getting 
a healthy dose of probiotics from those foods. You can get the refrigerated
kind of probiotic as well and we have also used that in the past. I try to rotate
different brands that I research. 
It is free of gluten, egg, crustacean, fish, peanuts, milk and soy.

This was sent to us for review and I will say,
I hope this brand improves the ingredients list by
 removing citric acid (which does not derive from any citrus) and natural flavors.
 It is so important that the brands we support are transparent about what "natural flavors"
means. We are all learning what healthy ingredients truly are!

I would love to go more into each supplement that I've listed and give a detailed summary
of benefits for you, but I hope this will inspire you to do your own research and look 
in to these particular ones for you and your kids.  These are all safe to take
daily and of course are natural! We have never felt better since we
started taking supplements daily. My kids ask me to give them their vitamins
everyday, they love it! It's a ritual in our home and one I hope they
will continue in their adult years!

Sending you light and love!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Healthy Skincare: Zatik

If you still haven't switched out your skincare from the Summer, I have the perfect line
for you to try! Zatik is an organic skincare line made with pure plant extracts and not
a drop of synthetic chemicals. I started using this line over a month ago,
and I have to say, I fell in love right away! I try a lot of beauty products
as you can imagine, and this line is highly effective, clean,
 and really affordable for the quality.
I can't wait for you to try it too!

First, I really love all the packaging in the line.  The pretty glass bottles come with
pumps for easy use.  
This serum should be on an awards list! It is a gem, it's super hydrating and not greasy.
The ingredients are top-notch, with Pomegranate, Eyebright, Rose, Chamomile and
Rosemary to name just a few.
There is no alcohol (oh joy!) no gluten, non gmo, soy free, it's vegan and synthetic free!
I love how light this feels around the eyes, it plumps and soothes.
I can't say enough how amazing this product is, they have really done a super job 
with this one! A must have!

It's not easy to find a good cleanser that is clean. This 
particular cleanser says it is for dry skin, but I have combination/oily skin and I 
really like the formula.  It is made with Coconut & Matcha (my fav!) there is 
Calendula, and Milk thistle too. I love that these plant ingredients are right up at
the top and not tiny concentrations at the very bottom of the list.  
Lavender is the second ingredient after water! Amazing!
The way I use this is on a warm washcloth. It removes all my makeup and 
leaves my skin fresh and soft. I think this would be great for sensitive skin as well. 

The last product I tried was this serum with Rose Hip & Black Seed.
A good serum is a must this time of year when the air is dry indoors.  
Black cumin seed oil is known as the "blessed seed" and contains vitamins,
 antioxidants, proteins and essential fatty acids that soften and smooth fine lines.
I just use one pump and press into my skin and it has a herbal fresh smell. I wake up
with supple glowing skin! 
I think this would be a great line to gift yourself or a Mom/Sister for the Holidays. 
I am really looking forward to trying out more of Zatik's products too!
The line is at a great price point for organic ingredients as well as beautifully packaged.
Definitely check out the line and give it a try, I know you will fall in love too!


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Infuse Your Skin with Goodness!

Guys! I'm really excited about this Pur Energizer Skin Infuser Kit.
It's a genius little machine that sprays 100% pure healthy ingredients into 
the skin.  Pur Attitude is a science based skincare line that
is on a mission to revolutionize the skincare industry by purifying products from
all toxins, chemicals and unnecessary additives. We all are on board with this mission!

They have removed all water from their products and replaced it with hyaluronic acid,
a carbohydrate found in every cell in our body! It has the ability to draw up to 1000 times
 its weight in moisture from the air. On their own, these hyaluronic acid molecules are too big to
pass thru the outer layer of the skin, but thru this technology we are able to benefit
from absorption at the deepest layer of skin. 
This helps reveal a beautiful radiance, plumped, glowing skin. 
Less wrinkles and smaller pores! Yes please!

The kit contains three serums: Max Defense to lift and firm, Magna Moisture which is 
anti-aging, and Max Brightening with Vitamin C.
It's super easy to use, just add drops of your serums into the container and screw
it back on and it does all the work for you!
I love to just take it all in like a mini spa for a few minutes!

 The  spray is super fine and feels really light on the skin. 
The Energizer will spray automatically for 60 seconds and then stop. 

The Energizer super light weight and petite, so you can keep it in your gym bag or beside 
your bed and infuse your face and neck with skin plumping goodness! 
There is a USB charger in the kit as well so no batteries needed!

What I really love about this kit is the clean ingredients. The scientifically based
 products that are going deep into the layers of the skin. They
 are not just sitting on top of the skin like so many products do.  It feels
really refreshing and revitalizing. You can easily keep this at your desk for a plumping session
and no one will hear it, smell it or even know you are taking a mini-spa minute! 
Take a look at some of their products, I know you will love how clean the line is!
This would be a great gift as well for the upcoming Holidays!
You can find Pur Attitude here!


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Boss Babe Tips: Up Your Game With An Awesome Newsletter/Email

I'm all about sharing the knowledge and supporting other Boss Babes like myself.
Maybe you are a blogger, a small business owner or a life coach of sorts and
you really want more authentic engagement with your readers and of course
new readers! Perhaps delving into the technical side of things seems daunting.
 I've got a great article here to help you savvy up on the lingo and
learn a thing or two about marketing your brand, sharing your message or
just connecting in an awesome way with other people.
Let's take a look at jazzing up a newsletter or email that 
you can create! Take a look at this informative article from Emma
all about creating a GIF. Yep! It's actually pretty easy and anyone
can make one!  Amazing right! This is definitely going to make you
want to make one, I know I want to! Cheers to making 
awesome connections!

Want to spice up your email? A GIF might do the trick. GIFs aren’t just eye-catching, they’re effective. Research suggests emails sent with a GIF inside enjoy 26% higher clickthrough ratest han their non-GIF competitors.
Email-centered campaigns have also raised revenue – significantly. In one case study, Dell used a GIF in an email campaign and saw a 109% increase in revenue, according to MarketingSherpa.
If you’re interested in adding a GIF to your next campaign, we’ll explore six email marketing campaigns with killer GIFs that you can use as inspiration, plus some tips to add GIFs to your email effectively.

What is a GIF?

Before we start looking at amazing GIF campaigns, let’s define what a GIF is.
A GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is a moving picture. Think of it as a digital flipbook that strings several images together to create the illusion of movement. Here’s an example of a GIF in an email:
Pretty cool, right?

6 GIF emails you’ll want to copy

With GIFs, you need a plan. What do you want the GIF to do? Will it highlight products? Draw a subscriber’s attention to a specific part of an email? Take some time to think about what the GIF will accomplish for you.
To take some of the burden out GIF-prepping, here are some email marketing campaigns will killer GIFs that you’ll probably want to copy:

1. A Birchbox membership never looked so good

Birchbox, a membership-based beauty supplier, announces a big sale in a big way. The company uses a GIF to show the boxes of beauty supplies that members receive each month. The boxes slowly appear around the sale information, making the email a real beauty.

2. Van’s promotes its gift guide with GIF-style

Van’s, known for its skateboarding footwear and apparel, created a full-page GIF to introduce its holiday catalog. The animation, while a bit unorthodox, speaks to the Van’s brand and is a more engaging way to get customers interested in shopping than a still image and call to action.

3. Modcloth shows off accessories

Modcloth, an online clothing retailer, show its customers how to accessorize a dress with an inspirational GIF. In seconds, customers see the same dress with a sweater, jacket, sunglasses, and different shoes. 
The GIF is the online version of a window display that you’d see in a brick and mortar store. It gives customers the inspiration they need to complete their look. 
4. Fashion Magazine spices up its newsletter with a GIF
Fashion magazine sends out newsletters with regularity, sometimes daily depending on a subscriber’s preference. So, how can a publisher keep the content inside fresh? You guessed it, with the occasional GIF.
Fashion Magazine uses a consistent newsletter layout. A main piece of content sits on top and four to six small blocks sit under it. Typically, each block has an image and headline, but sometimes one of the blocks is a GIF. Take a look at the example below. The GIF is such an attention-grabber that subscribers can’t help but click on it to learn more.
It’s a nice way to break up the routine newsletter while giving subscribers something unique.

5. Apartment Therapy provides design inspiration

Apartment Therapy, an online publisher promoting home design and d├ęcor, uses a GIF to show people how much of a difference art can make on their walls. The GIF shows an empty wall and then shows the same wall with art on it.
The visual nature of this GIF makes it easy for the reader to instantly see how art can impact the look of a room.
Like many publishers, Apartment Therapy sends out a lot of newsletters and strategically uses GIFs to show audiences something out of the ordinary.

6. Harry’s animates a clock to emphasize urgency

To encourage customers to act fast, Harry’s, a shaving equipment company, sent this email with an animated clock.
Forget countdowns or flashing signs that say, “Time is Running Out.” Harry’s keeps it subtle. Everything in the image is still, except the clock, which draws your eye right to it and conveys the urgency of ordering now.

Tips you should know before sending your first GIF in an email

Now you’re inspired, right? Before you start planning email marketing campaigns with killer gifs, here are a few things you should know before you utilize these mini-movies in your email marketing strategy:

You don’t need animation skills

Making a GIF doesn’t require an animation degree. There are several user-friendly tools that can help you create a GIF quickly. Try EzGIF,, or Giphy.
Once you create the GIF and save it on your computer, you can upload it into an email just as you would an image. It’s as simple as uploading it and adding it to your email template.

Be aware of file size and load time

GIFs can quickly become large files, which is problematic for emails. Large files mean slow load times, and that’s a good way to frustrate your subscribers.
If you create a GIF, keep the file size below 400 KB and your image size under 480 pixels in width and height.
Be sure to send a test email to your phone and see how quickly it loads before sending it to others.

Vary GIF usage

As the examples show, GIFs are versatile. They can make up a small part of your email or they can be the main crux of it. You decide.
To start, you might consider making something small to learn the creation process and get into more complex looks later.

Picking the first frame is vital

Some email clients don’t support GIFs. Instead of seeing a moving picture, the subscriber will only see the first frame of the GIF. Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 will only show the first frame, for example.
Given this information, the first frame of your GIF is crucial. Make sure the first frame can stand alone as a picture.

Send a test

As with any email, you should send a test email to yourself before it goes mainstream. Aside from evaluating load times, watch the GIF to make sure it plays correctly. See how it fits with the rest of your email too. A GIF should complement your email and its message, not take away from it.
Of course, if you see any errors, fix them before sending.

Don’t go overboard

GIFs are awesome, but like anything else, you can overdo it. Try one GIF and see how your customers respond. If it goes well, try another. Use them sparingly though so customers don’t grow bored of them.

Wrap up

GIFs have become a powerful, attention-grabbing marketing tool for many businesses. But, as with any marketing tactic, there are best practices should you reference before adding a GIF to your next email. Fortunately, the tips and examples of email marketing campaigns with killer gifs give you a great starting point to create and send an email with a GIF inside.
Happy GIF-making everyone.

Find out more about this article and other tips here at
Article/Photo Credit: Emma