Friday, October 16, 2015

Japanese Skincare: Mirai

When I was a freshman in college, I lived in the dorms and I had this one roommate who
was an exchange student from Japan. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen! Her
skin was like a porcelain doll and I loved how naturally beautiful she was. From that moment I began an obsession with Japanese beauty and skincare. Well, that was quite a few years ago, and I still love the Japanese approach and philosophy to beauty. 

I came accross Mirai, a Japanese skincare line that implements the latest
 anti-aging science with potent natural ingredients and time honored beauty practices.
I have their full line here to share my first impressions with you.
First is the Clinical Formula Body Wash. It contains persimmon extract 
which has been used in Japan for centuries for its purifying
deodorizing benefits. It has green tea, coconut oil, rosemary, and aloe. 
It smells very fresh and citrusy.  Then, after you shower, you apply the Purifying Body Serum.
It deeply moisturizes and helps with wrinkles and age spots. It also provides antioxidant
protection from free radicals.  It contains, jojoba oil, persimmon extract,
 shea butter, green tea & astaxanthin.

I love face washes that are invigorating and refreshing and
this Purifying and Hydrating Face Wash is just that! It cleanses
gently and moisturizes with coconut oil. It calms with
chamomile & aloe. It also contains a silk protein sericin
to keep skin feeling supple. Follow the face wash with the
3-in-1 Multi-tasking Face Serum with botanicals astaxanthin,
Silk protein, soy protein, rice extract, aloe & green tea.  The
serum smells wonderfully botanical and earthy. Almost like
putting a homemade ancient potion on! It does feel a little
sticky though, it would be best used at night. 

All of these products remind me of something you would
use at a spa. They are very refreshing and feel rejuvenating.
If you are looking for a fresh new update to your skincare
routine, this line is a great treat!

Mirai Clinical’s Purifying & Deodorizing body care collection is available online so check 
out for more info!

Xo- Taj


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Hi, Taj!

Thanks for sharing this line of products! How long have you been using this for? Is this what helped you maintain skin that looks great? I'm on the lookout for new products to try and I hope you could help. :)

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