Thursday, January 21, 2016

Organize Christmas Ornaments

         I finally decided to take down the Christmas tree this
     week.  I always feel so sad when I do! I just love the lights and
   pretty glow it gives the room! So I wanted to quickly share with you
             a great way to easily organize all your ornaments in one pretty box called
         the Ultimate Ornament Box. I fit all of my ornaments from this tree in it!!

                  It has two levels, which have adjustable compartments.  It is made with
                acid free heavy duty board to help preserve my precious ornaments!
               It also comes with tarnish inhibitor to help protect metal & silver finishes.

I used the top tray more for the round ornaments, but I also added cupcakes and birdies!

The bottom level is great because it has dividers to keep it all nice and organized.
It made putting everything away so much nicer than finding boxes and having them
take up much more space. 

So everything fit it this nice fabric covered box!! It also comes with a plastic zipper bag for storage.
I think I will invest in one more next year, because I still have more ornaments that I bought
for next year! eek! clearance gets me every time! I love this box as it saves space in my garage
and looks pretty too and I know just what it is!  If you want to organize your ornaments and keep
them safe this is a great piece to check out!
xoxo - Taj
Find out more about Ultimate Christmas Storage here: 


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