Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lip Crayons Reviews and Favorites + an Easy Valentine DIY!

It's the month for kissing! I have a drawer full of lip crayons and thought
to myself, do I love any of these? It was time to clean out my hoarding stash and only
keep the ones that are amazing. So find out below which one's I love! 
I may do a part 2 since I have so many!
 Wet n' Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain
These are super moisturizing, hydrating and go on smooth.  
They are nicely pigmented, I would say they are a medium sheer coverage and 
they do leave a stain on the lips which is really a plus.  For staying power, they last a few hours at the most. 
For someone who drinks coffee and tea all day, you will have to reapply.  I love the packaging
and how easy they are to apply, you just twist up for more product. For the price, $3 these come in 6 shades and are a real steal!
These are one of my favorites out of the bunch! I love the shade Rico Mauve!
                           {swatches are from the bottom up in the above picture of stains}

Jane Iredale Play On Lip Crayon
Jane Iredale cosmetics are wonderful because they are made of a more healthy ingredient base which I am really into. These come is 7 different shades and have a smooth matte finish. They are super pigmented and have an average staying power. The packaging is nice, however you will need a large 
pencil sharpener for these as they do not twist. I think that for me is a pain. I would love these more if they were just a twist and go product.  Price is at about $18. Overall, a great lip color and easy application.
                                       {Jane Iredale swatches from bottom up}

NYC CityProof Intense Lip Color
These twistable crayons come in 6 shades  and are around $3. They are very smooth and the pigmentation is opaque.
They have a light fruity scent to them which I liked.  On the lip, they were not buildable, and they
sat on the lip which was not attractive. 
I only tried two shades and I didn't care for either one of them. 
I really like the packaging, they are exactly
the color you see which is nice! 
The product just twists up for easy use.  I just don't like the application and product. It didn't look
fabulous on the lip, I had to mess with it too much. I'll pass.

{NYC swatches}

Revlon Color Burst Lacquer Balm & Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

These go on sheer and glossy and are very smooth and moisturizing.
These have been around for a minute and there are a ton of shades that come out.  
They are around $7.  The packaging is pretty, it is similar to 
what the product will be.  They are twist up too but I find that they can get a bit
messy though and I wouldn't want to carry it in my purse.   
They do have a minty smell which I don't always love. I'm on the fence about it. 
The Color Burst has a little shimmer in it and Kissable doesn't.  Lasting power is a few hours.
Overall, I do like these, but the smell isn't my favorite.

                                                                 {Revlon Swatches}

Mally Lip Magnifier

This product goes on silky and has a nice sheen too it. ( It is the 3rd from left in the swatch: Flushed) The pigment stays put for hours!
I believe there are 14 shades that I saw on I only tried one shade and I just love it!
It lasts a long time and gives my lips a pretty sheen that I happen to like for everyday wear.
The only thing I don't like is that it has to be sharpened and is not twistable. It is moisturizing, but not super moisturizing and that may be from being in an actual pencil form. Price point is $20.

Burt"s Bees Lip Crayon

You know I love me some Burt's Bees! These come in 6 shades and are 100% natural yay!
They go on easily, very creamy and matte. They are super pigmented and last well, you will have to
re-apply after eating & drinking.  They are not very moisturizing at all. So this isn't something I would keep in my purse for that reason. If you love matte lips, this is your product. It is more like a lipstick than a balm{Swatch is 2nd from left in Napa Vineyard}. Packaging is okay, I don't love the brown! However, they are twistable which I love. 
Price point is $8.

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick

These are one of my favorites! They come in 8 shades and are super buttery and moisturizing. 
They go on creamy and are very opaque.  They do have an initial pretty scent upon application but goes away once on lips and I don't notice it afterwards.   They are twistable, which I love and the packaging is pretty in the color of the product{swatch is first on left}.  I prefer the lighter shades in these for everyday wear.  
They are not long wearing at all, but the
moisturizing aspect is what I love about these along with the instant pop of pretty color. Price point is $8.

Mary Kay At Play Lip Crayon

These come in only 3 shades and are $10.  It is like a lip liner and crayon in one.  
These have a buttery application but I don't find them very moisturizing.   Lasting power was average, needed to re-apply after eating and drinking. The finish is 
shimmery and pigmented {swatch is 4th from the left in Toasted}.  The packaging is okay, not very 
glamorous in my opinion, and it has to be sharpened and is not twistable. I like
the pretty shimmery look it gave my lips, but I do not like how quickly I had to sharpen it.


I also did a little Valentine decor DIY with all these swatches!  
This would be super cute on a desk or to give to your main squeeze!
Just kiss and frame! I used a heavier paper stock to give it a richer look.

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