Thursday, May 18, 2017

Heal Your Skin Naturally: Psoriasis Free & Clear

I've got a great book for you guys about using food
and your positive energy to heal your
skin issues!

The focus is on her journey with this skin issue and how she
took steps to heal herself.
What I love about this book, first off, is that you can really apply 
these things to your body whether you have psoriasis
or any other condition! Particularly though, skin issues that so many
people have these days due to so many diet factors and stress. 

Mary believes that there is a process of physical healing, emotional healing
and spiritual healing. She goes into depth for each one. She
also provides recipes for clearing skin. 
One I especially like is her Juicy Juice (pg. 112):

1 Bunch of Kale
2 Peeled Lemons
1 c. Mint Leaves
3c Water 
Blend and enjoy!
This combination is high in vitamin C and it cleanses your liver. 

There is also a section in the book for supplements and herbs which I 
really enjoyed. I am a big believer in the healing power of natural herbs & plants
taken daily.

Our skin is a big indicator of what is going on inside of us. 
I know for myself, I tend to have small flare-ups when I am stressed and 
when I have too much sugar. I have learned to be kinder to myself about it.
It used to be the end of the world every time I had an outbreak! 
I agree with the part of the book where it talks about realizing how
our feelings help to manifest our reality.
Oftentimes we are super critical and judgmental towards 
ourselves and it builds up for years!
Becoming aware of these feelings and thoughts and
replacing them with positive, loving and kind thoughts is key.
It is truly amazing how much these things effect our bodies!
Perhaps our body is saying: "wait, you are not being kind to yourself!"
It's almost a blessing! Like a warning sign of a road you don't want to go down.

One thing that has worked for me and my skin is coconut oil. 
I use a spray that has no scent and absorbs right away into my scalp, which is
where I have my own issue.
I actually use it for like every skin ailment! But it helps with itchiness, dryness
scars & redness. You can find it here

If you have any skin issues or if you know someone that does,
I recommend this book. I love when a author shares
their true journey in hopes of helping others heal as well.
This book encompasses so many great resources for 
you to heal and to take control in a healthy, natural way.

Thanks for stopping by and as always, please leave any 
 personal suggestions or resources you know of! You 
can always e-mail me or send me a message too
on Instagram at gorgeousglamrose!
Happy Healing!

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