Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Natural Makeup: Benecos

I've been trying out a natural makeup by the natural beauty brand Benecos.
The German brand uses all organic ingredients and is
free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, PEG and gluten. It has no 
petrochemicals, silicones or GMO's.

I tried the color nude in the Natural Creamy Make-up.
There are 3 shades in the line. Nude, Honey and Caramel. 
The Nude was a tad too light for me, as I have a light/medium olive
complexion. Nude would be great for lighter complexions.
I made it work though and added a little bronzer afterwords!

The application I used was my fingers first to get a good
feel for it.
It was a bit tacky and set really quick.  Once it set it was
not moving! So I added some of my moisturizer to it and it applied better
and I was able to get an even finish.

The next time I applied it, I massaged the tube a bit, I find that sometimes
natural ingredients can break up a bit, so I shook the tube and
massaged it. The makeup was much better after I did this!
It wasn't nearly as tacky. I still added moisturizer to it though.
I used a brush and also a sponge application and I like fingers to apply it
the best for this product. It gives a nice light coverage and is buildable.
I really love that it doesn't settle into fine lines or emphasize pores.
It has a matte finish and doesn't really need powder to set it. 

After wearing all day, I found that it held up pretty good! There was some break up
around my nose and chin. For me, I would wear this like a tinted moisturizer.
It is a perfect workout makeup too!
It doesn't have enough coverage for me to wear it as a true foundation 
and I found it a bit too tacky to blend into a flawless finish. 
I love the ingredients, it has jojoba see oil, shea butter and aloe leaf!
If you are someone who doesn't wear much makeup anyway,
this might be a great choice for you. 
I have combination skin, and I didn't find it greasy or oily at all.
It does feel creamy and smells like a natural product which I like.
Overall, for the price which is around $17 US I would recommend
this if you are looking for a healthy makeup. It will give you a 
light coverage like a tinted moisturizer. The bottle is convenient and 
travel friendly. 

Our skin is our biggest organ and it really is important as women to 
choose brands that are healthy for our everyday makeup. 
Benecos has a lot of other products that I am interested in trying out
like eye liner and blush! Check them out here!


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