Friday, March 9, 2018

Aloe Water Recipe

Aloe Vera is a healing plant that is not only good for your skin, but it
also has many amazing benefits for your health.
With over 70 trace minerals, and bioavailable B12, it's antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal
and anti-parasitic! So incredible!
I will go into more specific cancers and diseases it can kill off later.  
First, I want to share a super easy Aloe water recipe that you must
try asap and a Aloe gel you need! Whether you want to be healthy or want to heal, this 
plant has your back!

I love using Aloe Vera on my skin and have done so for years. It's not
just for sunburns! I've been using the
Aloe Vera Gele by Desert Harvest.  It's made with 100% natural and organic 
ingredients. This is a must to keep in your fridge for any skin issues, like minor cuts, scraps,
rashes, as an anti-inflammatory & pain reliever.  I use it on my face! Yep, I will apply 
a thin layer to my face once a week and let it seep in. I also use it where I have some
psoriasis on my neck to soothe any irritation. 
Containing 80% Aloe Vera and also Honeysuckle flower extract, Aspen Bark extract 
and radish root, it's full of goodness!
Find Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Gele here! (All their gels ar BOGO for March!)

 You can find these huge Aloe leaves at your grocery store for around $1! 
Let's get to the first recipe! It's so easy!

 Cut 3-4 inches of aloe. Remove the pulp from the skin by slicing it like a fillet.

Once the pulp is removed from the skin, add to blender with 2 cups 
filtered water and blend!  Enjoy the healing power! 
I love to use the skin of the Aloe and rub it on my face like a 
fresh facial! If you have dark circles under your eyes, this juice is going to help with that!

Another easy recipe you can make if you want to ease into the Aloe Vera water is 
a  refreshing cooler!
Add the juice of two oranges (or orange juice from your fridge!)
and 1 cup coconut water and blend! So refreshing and  so good for you!

Aloe Vera is a great, healthy colon cleanse! It has the power to kill the 
pathogens that create colon cancer, stomach cancer and also reduce the 
growth of hemorrhoids! Yuck!
It can heal so many conditions, too many to name here! A few are
kidney infections, stomach ulcers, food poisoning, all autoimmune diseases, (wow!!)
shingles, MRSA, strep throat, Epstein-Barr virus and IBS. What
an amazing ancient healing plant! There is so much to learn about this 
blessed plant. I hope you will give these drinks a try for your health and healing!

A big thank you to Anthony William for all his work on getting this information
out for us to heal! You can find out all about life healing foods in his books here.

Happy Health & Healing!
Sending you Love!