Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Keep You & Your Kids Healthy This Season : Supplements

It is the season when we need to up our supplements to stay healthy and happy!
This is my first line of defense to keep sickness away from the kids and myself.
I truly believe in natural remedies and their healing powers to keep us healthy.
Today I am sharing several of my favorites!
First, I do want to point out how important it is to do your research on any
vitamin/supplement brands and make sure their methods and ingredients
are pure and/or organic when possible. 
All tincture supplements should be made free of alcohol as that
ingredient is counter-productive to the effectiveness of the herb or plant, etc.
Also, the shorter the ingredient list the better! We want to stay away
from citric acid, natural flavors, artificial flavors or colors. 
These are some of things we use in our house everyday to feel great and
I hope you will give them a try too!

Olive Leaf Liquid Extract
Olive leaf is a centuries old healing treatment. It can even be
found several times in the Bible. It can be taken at the onset of flu/cold symptoms to 
curb them. It also is a powerful virus killer and is more powerful that anti-biotics!
It has too many benefits to name! It can reverse heart disease, keep cancer, disease and
strokes away!
We take Olive Leaf every day. 

Echinacea Goldenseal
I'm sure you have heard of this one! This is a great immune support and a good one
to take several times a day if you are feeling under the weather.  I love to give supplements in
tinctures because they absorb directly into the bloodstream faster than a pill or gummy would.

Sovereign Silver
This is a Bio-Active Colloidal Silver Hydrosol which makes it easier for cell absorption.
We are all deficient in Silver and most minerals! This taken and held under the tongue will
absorb best. There are so many crucial benefits to taking silver! It can lover your viral load, help keep cancers, diseases and chronic illness away. Another mineral that has been
used for centuries, it has amazing healing powers for your system!

Eidon Zinc
Zinc is a precious mineral that we are deficient in. There are low quantities left of zinc on 
Earth as well! Your body needs Zinc to function properly and it can kill a cold/flu virus
if taken as soon as you feel symptoms. Simply gargle 1-2 droppers and swallow!
Not all Zincs are made equally, but this brand is easy to digest and my kids never have
any issues taking it.

MyKind Organics Vitamin C
We all need Vitamin C to live! We just don't get enough daily.  A glass of orange juice a couple
times a week, isn't going to cut the bill! We need to eat lots of Vitamin C rich foods, and take
a Vitamin C supplement. This tastes great and is super easy for my kids to take as it is a spray!

Vitamin Friends Immune Probiotic Vegan Gummies
My kids love a gummy! This probiotic has Vitamin C, Zinc Citrate, Echinacea and
Bacillus Coagulans.  The kids loved the taste of these!
I tend to give the kids probiotics only 1-2 times a week. If they are eating
a good fruit and vegetable diet (hello smoothies!) then they are getting 
a healthy dose of probiotics from those foods. You can get the refrigerated
kind of probiotic as well and we have also used that in the past. I try to rotate
different brands that I research. 
It is free of gluten, egg, crustacean, fish, peanuts, milk and soy.

This was sent to us for review and I will say,
I hope this brand improves the ingredients list by
 removing citric acid (which does not derive from any citrus) and natural flavors.
 It is so important that the brands we support are transparent about what "natural flavors"
means. We are all learning what healthy ingredients truly are!

I would love to go more into each supplement that I've listed and give a detailed summary
of benefits for you, but I hope this will inspire you to do your own research and look 
in to these particular ones for you and your kids.  These are all safe to take
daily and of course are natural! We have never felt better since we
started taking supplements daily. My kids ask me to give them their vitamins
everyday, they love it! It's a ritual in our home and one I hope they
will continue in their adult years!

Sending you light and love!


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