Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Room Vibes with Sunday Citizen

 We've landed at the Chateau! We are still knee deep in renovating
and unpacking slowly as the rooms come together.
I lightly unpacked the kids rooms for now so they
have a sense of normalcy. We went with a fun tropical wallpaper
and these crazy soft pillows and throw from Sunday Citizen.
The softest fabrics ever! Just cozy and perfect for snuggling!

I am loving this gorgeous palm leaf print pillow that ties in
perfectly with the wallpaper. And a lush blue pillow to pull your eyes
to the fun toucan print. Sunday Citizen pillows should be on
everyone's wishlist. They come in so many colors and
beautiful designs. A soft, cozy pillow makes all the
difference on a bed or couch. I can't stand scratchy pillows!
When my 5 year old says: "this is the softest thing on earth," you can
believe it is!

This Woodland throw is the softest blanket ever! If the air conditioning is on
and it's too cool these blankets are perfect! My son has this
boho papasan chair and I popped the throw over it so he can chill and he loves it!

 I have so much work to do in this house, it's true! But we are enjoying picking out
all the finishes and designing the new rooms. During the process, it's these
little luxurious touches that make all the difference. My advice is to
invest in quality, luxe pieces that you use everyday. The finest sheets,
the softest pillows and throws. The fabrics we live in are worth every penny!
Check out Sunday Citizen for lots of other cozy soft items!




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boho papasan chair and I popped the throw over it so he can chill and he loves it!

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